Lettre de George aux Australiens


De : "Paul Webb" <afgg0003@wanadoo.be>
Date :
À : <papass@lmh.vic.edu.au>
Cc : <genevievedepierpont@wanadoo.be>
Objet : Mamemo

G'day Sonia and everyone at the school

My name is George and I go to school at ECOLINE in Belgium, where MAMEMO came from. I am in Geneviève's class.

I was born in Belgium and have lived here all my life but I am English. I speak English at home and French at school. Do you have anyone who speakes a different language at home and at school?

Do you ever go on trips to see part of the desert? My Mummy and Daddy went to Ayer's rock once and I have seen the photographs. Have you been there? I would like to go to Australia one day.

We are going towards Spring at the moment, you are going towards Autumn, aren't you?

My favourite time at school is playtime when I can go outside and play with my friends. This afternoon (Wednesday) there is no school. I went to a swimming lesson and hockey training. Do you do lots of sports?

Please reply, I would love to hear from you.

Ecoline Belgique